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Welcome to Hotel Eichingerbauer, set in the middle of the beautiful Salzkammergut!

As a hereditary estate, the Eichingerbauer has a history and tradition that dates back to 1739. These days we are supported by a professional and highly motivated team of employees. Yet as in the past, our family is still the heart and soul of our business. As hosts, it is our greatest wish to ensure you enjoy unforgettable hours in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Eichingerbauer. We look forward to your visit and welcoming you to our house!


Sincerely, Sabine & Norbert Sperr

Zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit

On the topic of sustainability

It goes without saying that our kitchen staff cooks with regional and seasonal products bought from local farmers of the Salzkammergut. We hunt the game specialities we serve ourselves and the brown trout offered is also caught with our own fishing rod.


We place particular importance on using water and power efficiently. It is equally important to reduce the volume of waste, which is why we focus on recycling and paying attention to keeping our environmental impact as low as possible.


We operate an environmentally friendly wood chip heating system by using wood from our own forest.


But we do not stop our efforts at being economically sustainable and environmentally conscious. In social matters, we also have a responsibility - on a small scale, from person to person as well as in a larger social context. We are committed to societal needs, are integrated in the region and take a cooperative approach. We also respect the principle of sustainability in all decisions we make.