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Gutscheine Hotel Eichingerbauer****S

Resource-conscious into the future

Our kitchen team will spoil you with mainly regional and seasonal products from farmers in the Salzkammergut, Upper Austria and the Salzburg region.

Venison specialities come from our own deer farm and the fish comes from the local lakes & rivers directly onto your plate.

With wood from our own forest, we run an environmentally friendly wood chip heating system, which provides the entire hotel with cosy warmth.

The roof is adorned with photovoltaic modules and thus contributes to the power supply of the house.

We are not only economically sustainable and environmentally conscious, but also socially responsible - on a small level, from person to person as well as in a large social context. Commitment to the needs of society, involvement in the region and willingness to cooperate, consideration of the principle of sustainability in all decisions.