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Gutscheine Hotel Eichingerbauer****S

The family business

In addition to the hotel business, we also run the following business areas.


Game keeping and live game trade

Since 1980, game has been raised around the Hotel Eichingerbauer. The graceful animals enjoy ideal living conditions in spacious enclosures. Are you a game farmer or would like to become one? In that case, place contact Sepp Lehrl who has been passionate about raising game for many years.


Your enquiry about game farming - Sepp Lehrl +43(0)664 34 27 848


The animals are naturally provided a habitat and a brook flows through the entire enclosure. The animals’ rhythm of life is not impacted - neither during the rutting season in the autumn nor the breeding season in the spring or when the antlers begin to grow.

Only natural ingredients are used in their feed. Livestock feed and hormones are a total taboo at Eichingerbauer’s game feeding. If you are interested in purchasing, hunting or observing the game animals, the game farmer Sepp Lehrl is your point of contact.

Log wood and fire wood trade

Are you an owner-builder and would like to choose the timber for your roof yourself? Do you need fire wood in a specific log size or quality? Then you have come to the right address:


Whether spruce, pine, larch, fir, copper beech or Douglas fir: The tree stock of our forests is very extensive. The forests are mainly located in the Mondsee region, Hausruck or Innviertel. Professional care and timely delivery ensure top-most quality.


The healthy and very slowly growing wood impresses with an even grain and a special dimensional stability. Thanks to its surface hardness, it is considerably more resistant to wear and ageing than wood from other productions. The felling time is chosen with much care: Only suitable dates according to the lunar calendar are selected.