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The Mondsee region

The paradisiacal shores of Lake Mondsee are one of the most beautiful spots on earth, 481 metres above sea level. Whether you enjoy extended walks or a refreshing swim - the crystal-clear water invites you to leave your everyday life behind. Simply enjoy the picturesque lakeside scenery.


The Mondsee region also offers excursion destinations that fulfil every heart’s desire: The offer ranges from jetties for water skiing, kids’ pools and a beach volleyball court as well as numerous water slides and a sandy beach for non-swimmers. Discover the lake with a relaxing Mondsee cruise. Or explore the extensive cultural hiking trails in the Salzkammergut and immerse yourself in the 5000-year-old history of the Mondsee region.


With a population of 3,200, the charming town of Mondsee is the largest municipality on the lake of the same name and has a number of interesting legends and tales. The Mondsee extends along the Drachenwand mountain side, which owes its name to a hole in the cliff. People say that a dragon kidnapped the priest's cook and ripped through the wall in a nosedive. According to another legend, Bavarian Duke Odilio once lost his way on the mountain at night and only the moon reflecting in the lake saved him from a deadly fall. Consequently, he founded the Benedictine monastery Mondsee in 784. Since then some impressive works of art have been created in the monastery! These include, for example, the Mondsee Matthew, the oldest German Bible translation, or the Tassilo Psalter, the oldest book written in Austria, which is still completely preserved today.