Your beauty baths in the Mondseeland

Experience baths in the country hotel Eichingerbauer

The either calming or vitalising theme baths at your spa hotel in Austria: Country Hotel Eichingerbauer are a real treat for the whole body.

Your beauty bath at the 4 star superior hotel in Austria

The beneficial warmth of a bath relaxes tired muscles and lets you find new strength. By adding precious bathing essences different effects come to fruition – reaching from skin care to relieving cramps.

Aroma Bath for Colds at the Hotel Eichingerbauer

Basen salt bath with peeling effect

The pores are gently expanded and supported thus the metabolism of your entire body. The skin becomes silky soft
and supple.

40 min. € 43,--
Beauty baths at the Hotel Eichingerbauer
Recover from stress

Champagne bath

To fall in love: In the soft candlelight you cuddle in a well-being bath scented oils and nourishing additives. Crackling romance and pearly champagne and fresh strawberries make this rendezvous to a date with great feelings.


50 min. € 69,--

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Your beauty baths at Lake Mondsee: Spa hotel Eichingerbauer

The beauty team at Country Hotel Eichingerbauer awaits you! Send your non-binding spa holiday enquiry right away or book now your favorite beauty bath and look forward to relaxed spa holidays in Austria.

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Hiking Salzkammergut

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  • 5 nights in your choosen category
  • vital buffet in the morning with live cooking
  • 4-course-indulgence menu in the evening
  • daily lunch packet
  • hiking tour (at least 4 persons)


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Week Special

(bookable the whole year, acceptable over the 12/31)

  • 7 nights / 8 days
  • breakfast buffet & dinner
  • spa voucher € 20,00
  • shipping tour on the lake Mondsee, guided hiking tour
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