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Eichingerbauer – A Top-Rated TripAdvisor Hotel

TripAdvisor is an independent review platform where travellers can describe and evaluate their hotel stay. The Landhotel Eichingerbauer has already been widely reviewed and has rated very well on average with our guests.

On TripAdvisor you can rely on real traveller reviews and find out more information about service, value for money, location, sleep quality, rooms and cleanliness at the Hotel Eichingerbauer in Mondsee.

Were you previously a guest at Hotel Eichingerbauer in the Salzkammergut? We look forward to reading your review on TripAdvisor! It only takes 5 minutes and helps future guests choose their accommodation.

But we are also interested in your opinion as an establishment run by the Sperr-Lehrl family and the hotel team: your feedback continues to help us improve our offering and the quality at the hotel. You may also get into contact with us by email

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