Spacious lawn at the 4-star Eichingerbauer Country Hotel in Mondsee

Soak up the sun and recharge your batteries

There is nothing wrong with indulging in some sweet idleness; it is not at all about laziness, it is about taking care of your body's natural resources. Take a time-out from any activities and spend a nice day just lounging on the sunny lawn at the pool at your Eichingerbauer Country Hotel in the middle of the lush green Mondsee region.

Stop being busy

Soak up the sun and recharge your batteries
Sunbathing Lawn

During a holiday in Mondsee, especially at the Eichingerbauer Country Hotel, there is a wide range of activities offered for your days: tennis, skittles, mountain biking, e-biking, golfing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, feeding the deer and much more can be found on our programme.

Idyllic lawn at the pool

But with all the activities you should not forget to relax in between. Let our team indulge you in the spa area, enjoy a beauty treatment or dedicate one day during your holidays to sweet idleness and relax in the heated hotel pool. In the spacious lawn in front of the Eichingerbauer Hotel you can soak up the sun afterwards and recharge your batteries.

The team around your hosts Norbert and Sabine Eichingerbauer is looking forward to receiving your no obligation room enquiry for one of the themed suites at the Marienschlössl or one the rooms in our main house.

Look forward to your stay in the beautiful Mondsee region with its gentle natural environment, recreational wellness, delicious culinary highlights and a warm and friendly host family.

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