Relaxation for pregnant mothers to be

Relax in Mondsee during your pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman's life. Treat yourself and your baby to relaxation with a massage.

It is a very formative experience for a woman to feel how a child grows in her own body. A time that is associated with many wonderful feelings, but often also with physical exertion. Do something good for yourself and your offspring and enjoy the specific spa treatments for pregnant women at the 4 star Landhotel Eichingerbauer in Mondsee.

Offers for mothers during pregnancy

Mother offers at the Hotel Eichingerbauer
Time out for mothers

Mamas Only

• Head and neck massage
• Hand exfoliation and paraffin bath
• Footbath and foot exfoliation


70 min. € 83.--
Spa treatments for mothers

Relaxing Mum

• Brush massage (20 min.) kombinated with a massage by arrangement



50 min. € 59.--

The effect of a massage during the pregnancy

Through the change between relaxation and stimulation, regular massages are  very good to regulate energy flows in the body and for preventing and relieving symptoms of health disorders. With a massage the blood circulation is stimulated, so that the cells will be well supplied with nutrients and oxygen. Also the nutrient exchange in the placenta will be improved. The stimulation of the lymphatic system leads to a stimulation of the immune system. The increased blood flow in the skin tissue has a positive effect on skin renewal.

Especially for expectant mothers, positive effects of a massage are:

  • reduces stress and helps expectant mothers to better adapt to the new situation
  • helps ease tension, fatigue and headaches and calms the nerves
  • reduces muscle tension, especially in the back and neck area
  • improves and supports the posture, which prevents pain as a result
  • reduces anxiety and stress and gives an emotional support
  • strengthens skin elasticity and can help to avoid tissue tears
  • reduces stress hormones and thus the risk of a premature birth
  • and the most important, it just feels good!

Oil blendsforgreater well-beingduring pregnancy

Expectant mothers have to get used to many mental and physical changes during pregnancy. An increase in weight, changes in posture and the hormone balance “explodes”. With our oil blends you are perfectly prepared for this time.

Refreshing, concentration-enhancing oil blend

20 ml of base oil (for example sesame oil, grape seed oil or almond oil)
3 drops of lemongrass (or lemon oil) and orange oil

Effect: Refreshes and invigorates the body and mind, and with regular use, prevents stretch marks on the belly and thighs.

Mood uplifting oil blend

20 ml of base oil (for example jojoba oil, grape seed oil or almond oil)
3 drops each of lavender oil, bergamot oil and orange oil

Effect: It lifts the mood and counteracts mild depression.

Relaxing oil blend

20 ml of base oil (for example jojoba oil, grape seed oil or almond oil)
2 drops of geranium oil, 5 drops of sandalwood oil and 6 drops of bergamot oil

Effect: Promotes relaxation of body and mind, for best results in combination with a full body massage.

Holidays in Austria during your pregnancy

Are you or your wife pregnant? The team at Hotel Eichingerbauer is delighted to share your happiness with you and provide you with a wonderful holiday week specifically for mothers-to-be in the Salzkammergut. Send a no obligation holiday enquiry to our team in Mondsee today for more information or reserve your treatment now.

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