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Reviderm treatments for your skin at your four star hotel

Beautiful with REVIDERM

Reviderm treatments are characterised by a combination of highly effective ingredients and state-of-the-art technology. This way various skin problems can be effectively treated, resulting in visibly rejuvenated skin. Convince yourself of the benefits with a facial during your holiday at Hotel Eichingerbauer in Mondsee, Austria!

Treatments for the face
Cosmetics for the face

The Microdermabrasion with Reviderm "Skin Peeler"

By tiny crystals the top dead skin and calluses can be gently and controlled removed. This leads to an increased formation of young, well-functioning skin cells, which migrate to the skin surface. The following concentrates and creams are now especially well absorbed by the skin and support the renewal process.

Your relaxing Holidays in Mondsee, including facial cosmetics

The skin renews itself from the inside out:

  • wrinkles will be reduced,
  • skin impurities removed,
  • the regeneration of cells stimulated
  • the care active ingredients are more effective and
  • age and pigment spots are lightened significantly.

Skin rejuvenation - natural, gentle, healthy, for less visible wrinkles and fine lines, fine pores, smooth skin and a youthful, fresh appearance.


In all our treatments with microdermabrasion you can also combine the effective treatment with ultrasonic so that we can accomplish the most optimal effect of reduction of wrinkles. The skin cells are gently put into vibration. This creates a micro massage of the entire tissue. The circulation of the capillaries will be stimulated and thus oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells will be optimized.

Do something good for body and mind and use the time for a spa holiday in Austria do emphasise your face and inner beauty with the right facial spa treatment. The team of your four star spa hotel Eichingerbauer is looking forward to receiving your online enquiry.

Reviderm Super Peel
For a better skin

Reviderm Super Peel Basis treatment

Super Peeling frees the skin from calluses and the cells experience an energy push.

  • Cleansing with Enzym-Peeling
  • deep cleansing of pores (if needed)
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Deep cleansing on surcharge
  • Basic care
  • Moisture ampoule will be massaged slightly
  • Finishing care, perfectly tailored to your skin type
60 min.        € 76,--
Cell regeneration at the Eichingerbauer hotel
Cell regeneration

Reviderm Anti Age

  • Reviderm Super Peel Basis
  • Hydrolage with Collagen fleece
  • Hand massage
  • Relaxing facial and nack massage
  • Finishing care
120 min. € 139,--
Reviderm Pure Moisture
Mini lifting

Reviderm Moisture Prue

Cleansing with Enzym-Peeling
Moisture ampoule will be massaged slightly
Collagen Mask
Finishing care

60 min. € 76,--
Reviderm Ultrasonic treatment
Micro dermabrasion treatment


10 min. € 19,--
Facial and neck massage at the Eichingerbauer Hotel
Treat yourself with a massage

Reviderm Detox & Plumb

  • Cleansing with peeling
  • Detox mask
  • hydrolage with collagen fleece
  • Moisture ampoule
  • Face - & neck massage
  • Finishing care
75 min.  € 89,--
Reviderm Bright Eyes
For beautiful eyes

Reviderm Bright Eyes

Individual Intensive treatment specially for the sensitive and demanding eye contour including a hydrolage and the collagen fleece.

25 min. € 34,--
Reviderm Neck & décolleté treatment
Care for breast and neck

Reviderm Neck & décolleté

Individual Intensive treatment specially for neck & décolleté. Or to book as an additive to all other treatments.

35 min. € 40,--
Reviderm Smooth hands treatment
Treatment for your hands

Reviderm Smooth hands

Individual Intensive treatment specially for your hands. Or to book as an additive to all other treatments.

  • Cleansing
  • Essence concentrate
  • Local microdermabrasion
30 min. € 35,--

Pamper your skin during your stay at our hotel in Austria with a nourishing facial treatment. Reserve your facial treatment of choice with our convenient spa enquiry. The team at the 4 star superior Hotel Eichingerbauer looks forward to pampering you at our spa.

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