Quality for more than 50 years

From the farm house to the 4-star-superior country hotel

The farm house in St. Lorenz has always been rented out to summer visitors, mostly from Germany and Vienna. As a cattle trader Josef Lehrl was on the road a lot and his wife Paula managed the farm. What started as a simple holiday on the farm, without constant hot water or other amenities, presents itself today as a popular country hotel with 4-star-superior service and honest hospitality.

At the Eichingerbauer family-run hotel the family's history is tightly knit with the hotel's history. 

The beginnings: holiday on the farm

Summer in the countryside at the hotel Eichingerbauer
Eichingerbauer Hotel

After years of simple summer holidays in the countryside, the Eichingerbauer accommodation was refurbished in 1972 and offered 8 rooms with shower and WC as well as a sauna and 2 outdoor tennis courts. Josef and Maria Lehrl as well as Josef and Paula Lehrl, affectionately called Oma and Opa, managed to make more and more of their guests regular guests with their hospitality and the way they ran the hotel.

Their attentive and authentic service delighted the guests at the Eichingerbauer then as it does today.

  • In 1969 Maria Lehrl² was born and in 1974 Sabine Lehrl, today's host at the Eichingerbauer Hotel.
  • In 1976 two more tennis courts were created in Unterach and two indoor tennis courts were built right next to the then B&B.
  • In 1980 the B&B was expanded to 20 rooms; the Mondsee tennis facilities were taken over and the holiday offers at the Eichingerbauer also included sports camps for schools.
  • In 1984 the Eichingerbauer became “cattle-less”, The attic was refurbished. Parts of the hayloft were turned into seminar rooms.
  • In 1992: expansion and refurbishment of the sauna area and all the rooms.

From B&B to hotel

After the millennium the Eichingerbauer Country Hotel saw various further expansions and changes, in the family and the architecture. The daughters Sabine and Maria married and the first grandchild was born and delighted the whole Eichingerbauer Hotel.

  • In 2003: one hotel wing is totally rebuilt. The Moonlight skittle alley is introduced as well as the Landhausstube parlour and the bar.
  • In 2004: renovation and refurbishment of all the rooms. The Eichingerbauer Country Hotel is awarded with 4 stars.
  • In 2005: because of a large fire in the farm house the event room, seminar rooms, some of the rooms and the hosts' private flat are totally destroyed. After a short and good consideration the family decides to face another reconstruction.
  • In 2006/2007: The Marienschlössl is rebuilt; 15 new suites, a SPA area and a beauty area, as well as a seminar area with 2 conference rooms, a break room and a buffet area are introduced. Son-in-law Norbert Sperr and daughter Sabine Sperr-Lehrl take over the hotel.
  • In 2010: the buffet area and the restaurant in the Landhaus are refurbished. 

The future: the Eichingerbauer thinks further

The upcoming year will again bring a lot of change at the country hotel in Mondsee. From January to May 2014 the main building will be knocked down and replaced by a new building with 22 Landhous double rooms.

The entrance area, the Wcs and the changing rooms for the tennis guests will also be rebuilt in 2014.

The traditional country hotel in St. Lorenz on Lake Mondsee is constantly developing further. Even if the house gets bigger and undergoes many changes, one thing will always stay the same at the Eichingerbauer Hotel: the honest and enthusiastic hospitality of your hosts Sabine Sperr-Lehrl and Norbert Sperr as well as of the whole family.

Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry. The whole team at the 4-star-superior Eichingerbauer Country Hotel is looking forward to your visit.

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